MOOVE Moving - Technical Means for Moving

Employees of MOOVE are experienced, proactive professionals (some accumulate more than one function) and always with physical monitoring from start to end of service. Our employees have the following hierarchy:


  • Business and customer service manager;
  • Responsible for Service / Team
  • Driver / Helper / Technician of Assembly
  • Assistant / Technician of Installation


MOOVE has several vehicles. Our vehicles are provided by means of the specific need - always with closed container with greater or lesser extent, with and without loading tailgate and more or less load capacity (weight).


We have outdoor lift up to 27 feet tall (or other subcontracted)

MOOVE Moving - Technical Services

MOOVE beyond the traditional service of moving and transportation, provides technical services level on a punctual scheme or outsourcing. We have different teams deployed by our customers, providing technical support on their premises. We work with libraries, factories, workshops, laboratories, large enterprises, data centers, among others.


Our professionals in technical services support our customers with safes, floor boxe, s nossos profissionais de serviços técnicos apoiam os nossos clientes com cofres, caixas de chão, exchange of carpet, the relocation of stations of work.


Want to change the furniture of your

office and do not know how? MOOVE helps you, ask your budget now.

MOOVE Mudanças Residenciais e Comerciais na Grande LisboaMOOVE Mudanças na Grande Lisboa

Moove Mudanças
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Arneiro - Technical Services

MOOVE Moving is a company specialized in providing quality moving and transport services. For us the planning of change is as important as the change itself. If you want quality and professionalism, choose MOOVE.

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