Packaging Materials Used

  • Bubble
  • Corrugated Board
  • Retractable Film
  • Angles in cardboard and sponge
  • Cardboard boxes:Plastic Boxes
    • Suits carrier;
    • Simple – 3 dimensions (40x40 / 60x40 / 80x50)
  • Wood boxes

Business Moving

MOOVE Mudanças Comerciais na Grande Lisboa

MOOVE - Business Moving

MOOVE conducts business changes, with professional and dedicated teams ready to provide quality service to its customer. Within the business seguement MOOVE has been active providing moving services to offices, warehouses, agencies, schools, colleges, universities, furniture stores, general stores.


In MOOVE we make movings for companies and national and international transport of goods. We have all kinds of moving equipment or quick transport and insurance.

We guarantee specialized technicians in enterprise moving, which provide you all the necessary advice to the type of service you require throughout the country.

Business Moving Service

We receipt, storage and dispatch goods, with constant monitoring and supervision of loading up to the delivery to the recipient. We have the most advanced team of specialized technicians and equipment to offer you a service with greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • Monitoring of the load
  • Packaging of the load
  • Warehousing of goods
  • Delivery of goods
  • Services of freight
  • Express services
  • Transport of goods


Frota MOOVE Mudanças Residenciais


Ask your moving team now

available from 200 € + VAT

Moove Mudanças
(São Domingos de Rana)
Arneiro - Business Moving

MOOVE Moving is a company specialized in providing quality moving and transport services. For us the planning of change is as important as the change itself. If you want quality and professionalism, choose MOOVE.

Rua Lápis-Lazúli 126-lj 2 Arneiro
( Cascais )
210 460 517